The truck transport service sector especially has a very important role in supporting various economic activities in a national development chain. Business opportunities that have a big enough prospect is a freight service business using a truck. Therefore, many people invest their money buying on Truck1, to provide expeditionary services. This sector has a bright future in line with the economic growth associated with the growth of several economic sectors such as industry, agriculture, livestock and others.

To start a freight business using Volvo tipper trucks do have a high enough resistance. The main obstacle is the need for very high investment capital. In addition, the current tariff for trucking services is also relatively cheap. In addition to the above two factors, the level of competition between companies is relatively high due to the rapid growth of the number of trucking companies.

This is a business opportunity in the field of freight services using truck. This can be seen by statistics nationally, the number of trucking services in Indonesia experienced a growth rate from year to year. The trucking service sector has different characteristics than other public transport services. This is because the services offered by the trucking services sector is the transportation of goods. Trucking services using these trucks are related to the matter of moving a good from point to point.

The main success factors in the trucking services business are the aspects of operational management and human resource management. Quality of service provided to consumers, especially by the crew of vehicles, should get special attention. The main income of the trucking services business is the revenue on the deposit, which includes the revenue-sharing, direct deposit and fixed deposit. In addition, it also allows the acquisition of used tire sales revenue, and the sale of used lubricants.

Expeditionary Business Using Truck Fleet