If you are tired of having a racket in the back seat that does not come from anything mechanical, but actually from two living creatures duking it out each and every morning, then you need to up your parenting game just a bit. Give your kids a tune up and buy them an accessory, and you will find this quick fix puts an end to the morning noise on your commute. Sure, you may need to listen to a little bit of button mashing, but with headphones on, your kids’ video game time in the back seat will be a welcome respite during your morning drive.

If you are trying to figure out how to keep your kids quiet during the morning commute, you just need to invest in a little handheld entertainment. If you are new to the gaming world, one of the best places to go is GameStop. You just walk into the store and talk to a store attendant. Tell them your kids’ ages and rough interests, and they will be able to pair you with a system and games that they will like. Make sure to tell them your purpose, so they can get you not only a handheld system, but also games that fit the length of your car ride. For example, you do not want an epic role playing game with a 50 hour story arc for your 15 minute car ride. But, a good puzzle game would fit. At the same time, if you have a 30 minute drive each day, and a 200 day school year, a single 50 hour game might get you significantly through the year without a single argument between the kids.

Buying the right game to keep your kids entertained is a bit of a trick in and of itself, so you might even just want to buy a gift certificate. Let your kids know that this is for car ride time only, so they better pick wisely. Your kids will soon be so excited for car rides because they finally get to play their game, that they will sit down, buckle up, and be quiet all without being prompted.

Keeping the Kids Entertained in the Car