Tips to Avoid Road Rage

General Article

Aggressive driving behaviors leading to road rage are a threat to the security and safety of the population who commute on a regular basis. Injury, damage to property and even loss of life can result from road rages and that is why prevention of such is a necessity for the public’s safety.

Below, we list down some practical tips you may use to avoid a road rage incident.

Control Anger, Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior

The prevention of a road rage incident significantly comes from your own effort. You may control your anger and other aggressive tendencies by doing the following:

  • Create a peaceful environment in your car which may include listening to calming soundtracks that may help alleviate any tense feeling building up.
  • Avoid travelling late so you will have plenty of time to go to your destination and be relaxed while driving.
  • Take breaks every 3 hours when having a long drive, and take deep breaths when feeling anxious or impatient.
  • Be sure that you are well rested before the drive so that you will not feel tired, stressed or annoyed because the accumulated sleep loss may be the cause of your aggression.
  • Avoid using a cellphone, watching movies, eating or doing other things that might distract you while driving.
  • Never make driving a race so keep enough distance from those who seem to drag you into a racing contest by trying to pass at you.

Do Not Engage with Other People’s Road Rage

There may be situations wherein you may encounter other people showing aggressive driving behaviors or are completely out of control. During these times, you must avoid engaging with their aggression and know how to deal with the situation.

  • Ignore or do not shout back at angry drivers shouting at you or doing rude gestures to prevent the road rage from escalating further. Do not make eye contact and continue to drive as safe as possible. You must also take deep breaths to control your aggression building up.
  • Do not be over sensitive and do not take everything as an offense or an act against you as a person. Just ignore the honking or the pass and cuts of others by not letting it get to you to avoid any aggressive confrontations.
  • If the person exhibiting road rage is following you, or if your security and vehicle are threatened because of the actions of the other, you must note the car’s model and its plate number and report it to the police authority and do the other necessary steps. However, you must not engage into a fight and be caught up in a road rage.

Showing good driving behaviors and being polite may also prevent road rage incidents from occurring. Each and every road user must do his or her part to follow the road rules and regulations and be a responsible driver to avoid any untoward incident which may spark aggression and result to a horrible road event.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited is the go to auto shop for collision repair in Columbia, MO.